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I suck (MUSH)

So... I'm bored of the MUSH. And, more annoyingly, my membership on MU*s seems to be forming a pattern:

One IC scene, hang out lots OOCly... then quit.


I think the lack of desire to play hit me once I saw how much Thatch was exactly like so many other characters I've played. Been there, done that, had the t-shirt ripped off me by raging fangirls~.

In addition, OOC chatting there was soured by a small event: Apparently, use of the word "porn" is against the rules. Nothing descriptive, just the use of the word "porn". I got yelled at by a number of people when I used it. I had said something like "Huh, my friend worked on a porn movie (but she didn't even undress or anything, it was just a walk-on role), and it was an interesting experience". If I had said "Yeah, man, this girl I know was in a porn movie and she took sixteen dicks up the ass and a load of manchowder to the face and boy did she get off on it! She musta came twenty times!" I could understand it, but my use of the word was "innocent". Bah.

So, anyway. I have this real itching to app Thistle back at FF MUX again, I have this idea poking at me for how his story would get there (heh heh heh heh, it'd be so cool and it'd make for such RP! Heehee.), but before I even consider it I need to figure out if I'd play! I mean sheesh, it's stupid of me to go through the app process if I'm not going to, and it's not fair to the staff member who reads apps or other players you might start to get involved with.

*sigh* I just don't know. Stupid brain, make good decisions and stick with them!

Edit: *rubs his eyes* Wow, I've been writing up my Thistle app for the last three and a half hours straight. Heh! Where'd time go? I need dinner!
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