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America: Welcome to the dark ages (RL)

Excuse my language, but what the god damned fuck, America? A teacher did a magic trick in front of his class, and he was fired for wizardry. Excuse me a moment while I try to find all the pieces of my broken brain. (Link one, link two.)

My fucking god. Wizardry. My god. How in the world do adults... God. I just have no words for this. Reality is reality! You do not get to pick and choose what 'reality' is! Sorry, people, but magic is not real. There is no such thing as 'wizardry'. There are not witches and wizards out there just waiting to snatch up your little children and boil them up to make spells out of them!

What the god damned fuck, people? Dammit, reality is not a Chinese menu! You don't get to pick one from section A and two from section B. "Yes, I'll take a belief in wizardry, but hold the belief in evolution please. And, hm, can I have wonton soup with that? Great, thank you."

&#$&$&&$$~ Grrrrrrrrr.
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