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RL: Even though I was strongly not in the mood to go, I went to the Farmer's Market in hopes that corn on the cob was in season and would be on sale. (They're selling it at Safeway, so I was hoping that meant it would be there too.) No luck, unfortunately, though I did get a whole bunch of fruit (since I was totally out). Peaches (mmmm, so ripe and juicy), strawberries (the best I've had all year, yet the season must almost be over for them? Tiny little berries, so sweet!) blueberries (gah, $5 for a tiny little container!), and cherries (haven't tried them yet). I love cherries, but as I usually do most of my eating at the computer, I tend to avoid them -- they're hard to eat and not swallow a pit or get cherry juice on the keyboard!

Unfortunately the place was a madhouse. Usually I get there 15-30 minutes before they officially open (but you can still shop), but this time I got there right at 9 on the dot and they were mobbed. I assume because it was a holiday weekend.

And what the heck, people set off fireworks this weekend? Sheesh. Luckily my cat is mostly deaf; they used to scare her a lot, but she's sleeping right through them tonight.

FFXI: Blah. I didn't want to do anything on-game today. My Campaign metal was about to expire, so I went to the past to seal it... which of course meant I lost any progress towards the to-be-next-one that will come with the update. So I had to Campaign, which is just so amazingly annoying and boring to me now. (One day I'll go on some non-WHM job and see if I can have fun that way, but I'd like to hit WHM 71 first -- maybe aggro in the Jungles will stop then! Then I can do H&C in peace!) I spent the whole day there, blah blah blah. About 9K to WHM 71. I'll probably go again next weekend and get it. Blah.

I didn't do FB's arrowmaking today, which means he's overflowing with materials. I'm all packed and set to do it tomorrow.

Since I spend way more time on him than on Thistle, and since the whole reason I'm leveling wood on him is to make cool things for MHs, I decided to spruce up his place a bit (no pun intended). Plants! Many plants for Fishingbot!

The amigo and amiga cacti are pretty cool, they glow at night!

The other cactus I made is a whole lot less cool. Kinda ugly, in fact.

Fishingbot is just 300 GP from getting his gloves, which will mean I guess I'll be done with GPs on him. (I really don't need the MH items, even though they're cool...)

MUX: It's sad and perhaps ironic to see PokeMUSH's problems happening elsewhere. Remember the "speeding" rules that kept people from moving from city to city? We had good reasons for them, but they hurt RP. (Scene happening in X city but players Y and Z couldn't go there!) I'm in a city with four or five total other characters. I log on, look for RP, see multiple scenes happening... but all in other cities. Sucks to be me. *logs off*. It's odd (and sad) to be on this end of the issue. (To be fair, I don't see a way to get around it. Cities are ICly spread far apart, so you can't just walk from one to another. I could stay logged on with a RP_OK @doing, but I haven't been able to get a sound trigger to work on MUSHclient at home (yet it does at work...), so it wouldn't work too well with me on FFXI at the same time.)

And so to conclude, on all three subjects: Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Today was an annoyingly depressing day. Three day weekends should not be depressing!
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