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A non-WTF picture! And FFXI.

How about a nice picture to make up for all the scary ones last week? This one is safe and won't shock anyone! Honest! Such a great idea! This made me happier than it should have. :D :D

PS: I'm drinking a Diet Coke, my first one in months. It's sooooooo good. I keep saying 'one more sip, then I'll throw it out! I shouldn't be having this!' but it's cold and bubbly! Too bad the taste is so blechy (hi2u chemical taste), not the least bit yummy at all.


I thought about Nyzul Isle assault more after I logged off. I want to like it, I really really do. It's nice and fast (half-hour per run, tops!), so it's not bogged down like Dynamis. The 'kill everything' floors were sort of fun. However, my biggest problems are:

1) I hate playing BRD. They want me on BRD.
2) Death is not going to be uncommon. Dying is my second least favorite thing in the whole game. Some people accept dying, some people seem to court death, but to me dying = failing.
3) If I have to play BRD, I'd like to do it right. Nyzul makes it impossible, unless I'm missing something. (To me, "right" means keeping two songs on people as close to 100% as possible. Most melees spent most of the night with one song, and the BLU generally had only one Ballad.)

I wish I could go as a DD. Even though the event would still involve my #1 least favorite thing in the game (sneaking/invisibling/dodging/not getting aggro), I could handle it in small doses.

On, and on playing BRD right, I always tell people my BRD armor sucks (since I totally feel it does), so I was amazed to see some of the crap some BRDs wear. Two BRD 75s at Dynamis were wearing all/most of their AF, one of those two wore half AF/half RSE (the level 30 stuff). One Taru BRD wore a crapton of attack/STR stuff, totally useless to anything other than soloing/campaigning. I've put next to no effort into my BRD stuff, and yet still I was the second or best dressed one there. Very very very sad.
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