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Happy love day! (RL)

Today's the first full day for same-sex marriages in California! Yay! (Officially it started at 5 PM yesterday evening, but most government offices close at 5.) While getting married is so totally not for me, I'm glad it's now available to more people who do want it! :D

I wish florists around the state were doing what they did back when San Francisco did this last time: You paid for flowers and they went and delivered them to some random couple waiting to be married. That's one of the things in my life I'm happiest to have done, even though I have no idea who got my flowers. I'm so pleased that I was able to make two people happy! To let them know that some random stranger out there supported them. :D

I was listening to a story on the radio this morning: The parents of one same-sex couple getting married today were one of the first couples married back when CA first lifted the ban on interracial marriages. I wonder if within my lifetime anti-same sex marriage will be looked at in the same way as anti-interracial marriages? I guess one can only hope!

Don't hate, love!

Yay California! And yay love! Yay everyone!
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