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Stupid lottery... (FFXI)

There's one thing I'm very happy about in this whole lottery event: I'm smarter RL than I am in-game. RL I never play the lottery, I know as good as no one ever wins, I know it's stupid to get your hopes up or to waste your money playing. I have no idea why I cannot apply that knowledge in-game...

60 lottery numbers, all I got was one XP scroll on Thistle, eight of them on mules (but only one can use one). On Thistle I was one number away from winning the second highest prize! ARG! 1017 and I had 1317 (and that was on my main too, so wouldn't have been a wasted rare/ex).

Stupid lottery. Stupid me. More stupid me than anything else. At least now I get a ton of space back, but I still feel amazingly stupid for having been involved with this. Lotteries are a tax on the stupid. I guess I'm paid up for this year.
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