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Bed can wait... (FFXI)

Keeping track of chocobo bloodlines is the one part of this process that I do enjoy.

Racing Bird's Bloodline

Generation four: NorthernMiss

Generation three: NorthernSea (physical bird, yellow, my current racer.) bred to Guppy's HitenMiss (physical, red). Chick: NorthernMiss

Generation two: HighlandRain (not named correctly, but I didn't like the name combos from the parents. First 1st class mental bird of the bloodline) bred to Aurian's NorthernWind (mental bird, first introduction of color (black) to the bloodline). Chick: NorthernSea (I think I killed NorthernRain, thus I had to use a different name.)

Generation one: TristanTrotter porn star (purchased egg, mental bird) bred to Caboose's QuantumTorpedo (purchased) Chick: HighlandRain

Digging Bird's Bloodline

Generation three: NorthernSnow (I have no idea what happened to this bird, NorthernStorm is my current digger bird.)

Generation two: NorthernStorm (red, first class mental, TF/Bore) bred to Eadwyn's SnowyHaru (offspring of Yunchang's RedHaru).

Generation one: Cydori's WinterStorm (male, first class mental traits Bore/Treasure Finder, red) bred to Aurian's NorthernWind (female, first class mental traits, Burrow/Gallop, black). Chicks: NorthernStorm (Thistle's) and WinterWind (Chaser's)

Wow, our LS sure did do a lot of chocobo breeding in the past...
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