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NationStates: The War Within Zanzibar

The "Arians" of The Republic of The Arians still haven't moved out of our region. I almost hope they continue to stay, as they're providing troll-level amusement:

Posted by The Republic of The Arians:
"Its not the number of Armed men in your country that counts
its their capabilities...
My Waffen SS will Viporise the puny peasants y'all call soldiers....

I remind you that the Proud Nation of The Republic of Arians are preparing for WAR!!"

"I think Arians need to learn to spell before going to war." -The Republic of Farkistonia
"OH NOS!!@@ Please do not viporise my country!!!!!!!111111" -The Republic of Beastonesia
"Yes, we would hate to see a repeat of the Great 1996 Viporisation." -The Republic of Farkistonia

The Arians went off about their country rising to become a superpower again. Farkistonia had the best reply. (Recall they also had the fun line about spellcheckers.)

"Arian people, we at the Republic of Farkistonia support counting, so we would like to tell you that if the 'third reich will once again rise', it would then be the 'fourth reich', as the number four directly follows the number three."

I wonder why trolls are never smart enough to see that they're outclassed? If I was the guy behind the Arians(sic), I'd be slinking off with my tail between my legs...
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