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TV: Improving! FFXI: Getting worse!

I think (fictional) biker gangs are the sexiest things ever. The brotherhood, the leather, the motorcycles, how close the men are to each other. I love books and movies about them, and I ran a nearly year-long MUSH TP surrounding one. Now the FX channel is hopefully going to make me a very happy viewer!

Sons of Anarchy looks like it could be great, though I'm not 100% confident of that. The behind-the-scenes video calls it a biker club "with a hip-hop feel". I wish the main character looked rather different, too. I like my bikers to be big, either muscle or beer bellies are fine by me, and dark. Main character there is a tad too 'pretty boy' for me, and blond doesn't really work for me either.

Oh well, I'm going to cross my fingers and hope for the best! It's FX channel this fall for me!


FFXI: Man, I keep thinking my days can't get any worse and then they do.

Logged on: Undead Besieged attacking, trolls prepping at 8. Since I never have time to Campaign anymore, zipped off to Besieged. Asked around, turned out the attack just started. Yay! Battled for 55 minutes... then POL died. >< Dammit. Trolls took forever to advance, so I was only able to fight for 45 minutes before I had to leave. Parked myself in a safe corner. Sometime in the next 15 minutes my connection to POL died. Fuck me with a fork, hours wasted. Grrr.

Also, I'm done synthing for non-LS people. Over the weekend I told Sivara(SP?) from CTY that I'd do her synth, but she'll be the last one. It's just not worth it. Having to run around, having to mule when I'm in the middle of other stuff, having people make me wait, getting stiffed on tips, getting endlessly bugged if I'm free to synth, it's all just not worth the rare good tip. I'm tired of people acting like my time is worth nothing, that I should be thankful to be crafting for them. That's exactly opposite how it should be. I did three synths for non-LS people today, and all three of them had some/all of those bad elements. Enough. ...Hell, or maybe I should just set some high price for all non-LS synths, the people can't stiff me and most would just go away on their own. That might be a better idea... (Ha ha, I feel like what's his name, with the 'No tip = blacklist' line in his bazaar comment.) I think 50K for any synth worth less than a million gil, 50K additional for each million it's worth. Ha ha, I like that!

I'm feeling better already~
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