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*rolls* Snake Eye! Yay! (FFXI, movies)

I finally made the time to get to Campaign and make the 14K XP needed for the last adjustment to Snake Eye:

Yay! Max Snake Eye reduction! Happy happy happy happy! Of all my 75 jobs, that's easily the most handy ability of them all! I'm not sure what else to do with the rest of my COR group 2, maybe max Fold, though I almost never use that. (I'm a conservative roller, so I almost never bust.) I think I'll be working on maxing Random Deal next, since that rocks so much as well.

Right now I have: Snake Eyes (5), Fold (1), Loaded Deck (1), Winning Streak (0). One is all you need in Loaded Deck, and Winning Streak (extending rolls) isn't the path I'm taking with my merits. So that really only leaves Fold, I guess.

Group 1 needs, well, everything still. I think I'll max Random Deal recast (I think. 150,000 XP for a total of 2 minutes reduction in recast? 20 minutes to 18 minutes? That's an awful lot of XP for not a lot of difference...). Anyway, whatever I don't use in Random Deal will go into Quick Draw Acc.

In other redundant news, I'm up to 800 chocobucks saved. Gah. When I handed in my egg (10-ish days ago) I had less than 100 chocobucks. I'm sooooo sick of "free" racing! And so poor! About 5 minutes and 1K gil per 1 or 3 chocobucks. I don't want to think how much gil I've dropped on this. (I know how much time though, many hours a day. :/ I'm doing little else in game right now.) The max you can have saved is 1,000, so at least I'm almost done.

Because I'm stupid, I decided to camp another NM for that darned quest. I had a couple hours to kill, so I went out to look for Sharp-Eared Ropipi. Two hours spent, no NM ever showed. So I'm up to: 9 (8.75) hours total spent, 2 of 16 NMs gotten. Why yes, this is a very productive use of my time! :P

Lastly, I did that Babban Ny Mheillea for the tree saplings (Kat's are going to be ready to harvest soon). It was very... cute. As many people know from my anime days, 'cute' really doesn't work for me. I like dark, serious, depressing (lol emo?). For me, those kinds of quests have an impact on you, stick with you. Heck, it's been 3 years since I did the scythe NMWS quest and I still remember/love that story! And I still feel bad for that darned elf and rather guilty that I haven't gone to visit the poor guy lately. :/ I can't recall the last 'cute' quest I did. Cute's like cotton candy -- it's sweet and nice when you're eating it, but it doesn't stick with you. YMMV, of course. :)

Anyway, one amusing thing about that quest. So these two mandies have children, right? (I won't go into details, not going to spoil.) So why doesn't the husband notice that his wife has been getting it on with the mailman? c.c

Tomorrow: More Double Dragonian runs! Thursday: ToAU 44! (Eeeek! I want to start packing already!)


HBO's new summer movie of the week was The Simpsons Movie, so I finally got to see that. Wow. Wow. Wow. I'm so amazingly glad that I did not pay to see that in the theater. It was, at best, like one of their current eps: Sometimes chuckle-worthy but in general so painfully unfunny that I felt bad for all the people who put effort into making it.

I'd be tempted to say that HBO really failed with their "Billion Dollar Summer Movie" thingie, but it's not HBO's fault that some horrible movies were popular. Most of the Billion Dollar Movies have been big misses for me:

FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER: Skipped. Didn't see the other movie(s?) in the series, don't care to.
EVAN ALMIGHTY: Meh. Was watchable once, but I had major issues with it. (I still <3 God in it though and I'm tempted to watch it again just to see him.)
KNOCKED UP: I'd stab my eyes out before I'd consider watching this.
SHREK THE THIRD: Watched it, it did nothing for me.
HAIRSPRAY: Tried to watch it, didn't work for me.
OCEAN'S THIRTEEN: See Fantastic Four.
RUSH HOUR 3: Tried to watch it. God. Painfully, painfully, painfully bad and unfunny.
HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: Surprisingly enjoyed a lot (I'm long since out of the fandom), and watched it multiple times.

Copied from HBO's page, forgive the caps. Funny, I thought 300 was part of their summer special, but it's not on the list... I wonder what the rest of the summer movies will be? Hopefully there will be better choices in them. Edit: Oh hey, found a list for the rest of July:

THE KINGDOM: Never heard of it, but it sounds kind of okay?
LICENSE TO WED: Eh. I like Robin Williams, but I recall thinking the commercials made the movie sound really stupid...
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