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Chocobo raising math (FFXI)

My racing chocobo became an adult today, and unfortunately I made a mistake and it didn't end up with a big tail/feet. Bah. However, I spent 29 days on it at this point, so I wasn't about to start over. I can make up the stats with chocobucks, but the tail/feet are gone. No one knows for sure if they're anything other than cosmetic, so I'm going to hope that's all they are.

I had had 1,000 chocobucks stored for today. All were spent in less than a minute. I made 160 bucks in five hours today, spent those as well. All those bucks brought my bird's endurance from 'a bit deficient' to 'impressive'.

It takes 32 points for a chocobo's stats to raise one level. An 80 chocobucks training = 5 points towards that. So 6 trainings will roughly = one level.

Bird's discernment is currently poor. Needs to go to average. That's three levels up. 6 trainings x 3 levels = 18 trainings needed. 80 chocobucks per level, 18 levels = 1,440 chocobucks needed for mental.

160 bucks every 5 hours. 1,440 needed. That's roughly 45 hours of racing just for the mental stats. c.c (I'm going to need one more level on endurance on top of this. There will also be one or more levels of strength needing to be re-gotten through bucks when they're lost through training plan care to raise receptivity.)

This doesn't even take into account the gil cost. 1K gil per either 1 or 3 chocobucks gotten.

The only bright side to this is that at the moment Real Player Plus is playing nicely with POL, so I can watch my feed while racing. If that continues, it'll keep me sane.

This bird better turn out right, because I'm never, ever raising another. :P
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