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Zzz... Vroom! Zzz...

Somehow it's now 10:40. I arrived home at 5:10, sat down at the computer, and worked every moment until now (except the few Mallen was here for, until I was able to kick him out the door -- sorry!). I can't believe the whole night is gone. I'm so tired, but I seem to have just as much to do now as I did almost five hours ago.

Got done that I had to do:
Some code
A couple of new pages for the site
Some unenthusiastic AC stuff (I agreed to trades so had to handle them, I don't usually deal with them because they take too much time.)

Got done that wanted to do:
Updated my AC catalog (here, if anyone cares.)
Ate dinner

Needs doing:
All laundry (4-5 loads)
Finish code
Scrub kitchen sinks, replace drain thingie
Clean cat box
Scrub bathtub, remove all traces of anything non-white
Make a trip to the dumpster (it's a walk away, pain in the ass)
GM (Saturday)
Run NPCs (twice on Friday, once on Sunday)
Sweep bathroom floor, hunt down all loose kitty litter

Sleep soon, most everything else after work tomorrow.
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