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Avatar: The agreement eps

Well, I can now agree with various things people have said!

quasilemur said that Ember Island Players may have been the best recap ep ever. Yes! Loved it to death!

tersa had said that she liked the Beach ep because it was the turning point in Zuko's character. While I can't say I liked the ep as a whole, now that I've seen the eps after it, I can agree with that point. That really seemed like the moment of change for him.

atdelphi had mentioned censorship by Nick, and I had agreed with her already in comments, but now that I've seen more into season three, I can agree with an example. We had commented on the station censoring some more mature subjects. For me, I saw what may have been a strong example of that in the *twitch* Boiling Rock eps (the kids go off to rescue the father from the firebending nation's strongest prison... not even knowing if he was really there... or how they'd get out if he was...). Sokka's girlfriend (I forget her name) was in a cell, Sokka enters wearing a prison uniform. She doesn't recognize him. He makes kissyfaces at her and asks if she remembers now. I was sitting there thinking that if this were more realistic, the poor female prisoners would be being raped six ways to Sunday by their guards, and so making kissyfaces at her and asking if that reminds her should get a really, really negative reaction. Then I remembered that it was on a children's cartoon network. :P

Anyway. There were more good eps than I saw yesterday, but unfortunately there were still some ones I strongly didn't enjoy. The two Boiling Rock ones were the worst of them (though the last moment or two of the second part was good, when the friends/underlings turned on Zuko's sister), Nightmares and Daydreams was saved only by the kola bear-sheep mix animals -- cutest things ever. The Southern Raiders was just Boiling Rock based on the sister instead of the brother. The Boiling Rock eps were so bad I almost stopped watching them -- even the "filler" eps from yesterday didn't get that strong of a reaction from me.

The Western Air Temple was great, though anything with "awkward Zuko" in it is a win in my book. Man, that's just the most amazingly cutest thing ever, that character could not be more perfect. :D Firebending Masters (the dragons) was cool. And Ember Island Players I mentioned -- funniest ep in a while.

I have the last four eps to watch, but I'm going to save them for tomorrow. There's a movie available for downloading, but I'm guessing that's just the last four eps put together?

I'm really, really looking forward to exploring fanfics based on the series. I hope there's some good stuff out there (I always worry HP fandom spoiled me for all other fandoms).

Oh and a few points I forgot to write about in earlier posts:
- The writing/timing in this series is amazing. They cut back and forth between two scenes perfectly.
- I had loved Jet and his story in his first ep. (I know that's not a new story, but it works for me every time I see it. I love the whole 'he's doing evil even though he thinks he's doing good and doing it for a good cause' thing.) And when he came back brainwashed? Wow, loved it so much. I loved that whole story element (the secret police force and how all that played out).
- Where the heck is Uncle Iroh? We haven't seen him since he broke out from prison. :/ (Don't tell me! :D )
(Edit: And I forgot to mention another point that I had kept forgetting to post about! I love how their hair grows! Unlike a series like, say, Pokemon where the characters look the same no matter how many years pass...)
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