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Olympics (dark) humor & WoW

Even at best of times, I have little interest in the Olympics. This time, with it being held in China, I have zero interest. That's probably why I missed the humor in this for so long: Screenshot. Your cursor isn't included in the shot, but I was hovering over the body face-down dead in the water. The hover-text is in the lower right hand corner. (I actually thought they meant Fred, which amused me as well.)

I spent a good hour fishing next to that body, so I got to hear all sorts of jokes. Heehee.

Anyway! I did lots of WoW stuff today, but none of it was interesting, exciting, or fun other than fishing! I found out where FFXI's old-style fishing went! Eeee, that's just how WoW's is, other than you click the mouse instead of hitting enter.

Skilling is sillyfast. Max skill is 300. I started at 20 and in an hour was 150. :D Heehee. (It does get slower as you level, but still that's pretty darned silly.) Man, it's so relaxing and nice (plus it keeps my cat fed!).

Speaking of little Miss Ghost Kitty, she finally has a name. Brightstar, semi-named after my first GarouMUSH character. The character was a werewolf/garou and they all had a human name and a wolf name. She was named Brightspot by some outscast character (metis -- spelling?). I adapted it a little, since stars twinkle in and out and Miss Ghost Cat fades in and out, but when she's visible she's darned bright. So Brightstar!

Before she got a name, I made a fun screenshot: Brightstar and Starbright? Her and her reverse! (She's also 'grown' since then, so she's equal to that other cat's size.)

And lastly, I don't generally consider WoW to be a pretty game, however it does have its moments. Pretty ship and sunset!
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