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It's the hope that makes it sparkle!

Icon by rookie131, credit it if you want to use it. :D

Personally, I would have been fine with Clinton as VP, but I know that wouldn't have flown outside of the party, so... (Plus, as amazingly good as a president as Bill was, I'm a tad worried about how he is now.) So: Not unhappy at all! Heck, so long as we don't get a third term of the Bush knock-off, I'll be happy!


FFXI: Bah. By not finishing raising my bird yesterday, he got messed up. STR went up to first class today (yay!) but REC fell down a level. >< I could spend the next year trying to get one up and knocking the other down, each time made worse than the day before, or I can finish him with chocobucks today. So, today it is! I just hope I can get it done right, I hope the damage done by not finishing him yesterday wasn't too bad. :/
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