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Another chocobo day! (FFXI, WoW)

Alas, I spent most of the day making chocobucks. However! I finished raising him today, so from now on all racing I do will be for "fun" reasons! (Sort of.)

Luckily just one training (80 bucks) was needed to fix the stats error from last night, so he's all finished and retired! First class STR, outstanding END, average DIS and REC, gallop/canter. "Super" level bird, the best stats that can be gotten!

Then I tried the final mission race (50 bucks) and lost. Boo. It's a darned hard race and way too expensive bucks-wise. :/

And lastly I entered a C1 race (the highest level one) which cost another 80 bucks. So even with racing all day, I'm back to no bucks again. But hopefully I'll win! And get a trophy for my MH! Race should start shortly. Edit: WOO! Got first place in the hardest race!

The white chocobo is very, very pretty. (Text blurred to prevent spoilers.) If white were ever to become available to PCs, I'd raise a new digging bird for sure (wouldn't be anywhere near the work of a racing one).

Guppy and I visited Whitegate tonight as chicks. :) We got cuddles from lots of people, but nearly as many stomps, death threats, and kicks from folks. Such a reaction to cute things! I found a Corsair to cuddle with. :)


WoW: I didn't have that much time to log on today, and much of it was frustrating. Did four quests and between that and yesterday's XPing am halfway through 38. I bet I'm the slowest leveler in the whole game! :P I don't mind if it takes a while though, if nothing else I'm making a good amount of money while I'm XPing. I was worrying if I'd have enough gold for my epic at 60, but I think maybe I will. (If I ever hit 60/stay long enough to hit it.)

Part of the frustration was that I was trying to do a quest and this big... thing... kept circling around me. Its level was listed as "39+" and somehow I missed the gold dragon around its name, so I figured I'd just kill it to get it out of the way. Instead it killed my pet and then me. c.c The add didn't help, but I don't think I could have won even without it. It was too big for a good screenshot.

And lastly, WoW really does rain better than FFXI does, plus it rains in cities! Not just "outdoor" zones. I really like that troll down, by the way. I really like trolls in general!

Edit: I should ask if any WoW people know about this: Up until this afternoon, I was able to have both 'track beasts' and 'find herbs' active. I know the pop-up info on both say that only one form of tracking can be active at a time, but I've always had both. Then by mistake I hit some random key (dropped something on my keyboard, so might have been a key combo) and now I can have only one active. The tip info says I shouldn't be able to use both at once, but I had been. (I was able to move to a yellow herb-dot and watch red mob-dots circle around me as I harvested.) Anyone have any ideas how to get both working at once? Or was it some wacky thing I had, maybe from three years ago, that can't be reproduced now? :/
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