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Firefly: The Final Eps (and FFXI/WoW/RL)

Arg! How could it end there! But... but... but... Inara cried when Malcolm slept with that other girl! And now she's leaving! But she can't leave because they love each other and now we'll never know! Arg!

Oh man, that's just too cruel.

War Stories had to be one of the best eps of the series. The girl/girl kissing was so sweet (and amazing that they broadcast it!), but the torture was even... "better" feels wrong to say. Too damned realistic. I was almost more surprised that that amount of torture would be broadcast, even more than the same-sex kiss.

It's funny, but it wasn't until the second to last ep, The Message, about the 'dead body' being mailed to them that I noticed that there were no aliens even though this was taking place in space. (There was that scene about an 'alien in a jar', which is what made me realize it.) That's kind of surprising but really a smart choice -- there was enough human-human interaction, aliens weren't needed at all.

It's also kind of interesting how little the religious (or was he~?) character bothered me. I liked Shepherd/Book a whole lot. I liked his kind of religiousness (not offensive and he shut up when no one wanted to hear it... plus he could do other things and had some sort of interesting past). I also really liked that religious people were called Shepherds. (Kind of had a personal ring too, since the church I went to as a kid was called The Good Shepherd.)

I was almost surprised how much I liked Wash. I wouldn't have expected to like a seemingly 'weak' (compared to his wife and others on the crew) character, but I really really really liked how he stayed that way and never turned into some kind of superhero (the torture scene). I don't often get really really into het couples, but I totally loved Zoe/Wash.

One of the things that made me like the series more than the movie was that River wasn't the main focus. Oh she was a fine and very interesting character, but they all were, so it's good that the others got plenty of airtime, too.

I loved Jayne for his faults (arg! You idiot man!) and for his liking of a silly hat, and Kaylee was the cutest thing ever to walk on two legs.

I loved Inara and all Companion stuff to death. I wish we were advanced enough as a society to handle sex like that. Allow prostitution and give them protection and power! Power over their own lives, power to work safely like anyone else. It's cool that it's called a 'guild', too.

I wish we could have learned more about the 'two by two, hands of blue' guys, including learning more about that weapon of theirs. And why the blue gloves! Was it somehow related to their weapon? Man, there's just so much of this world that we'll never learn about. :/

Anyway, so now I have to track down those comic books and anything else Firefly-related! And anyone have any fanfic recs? :D


I've flip-flopped on WoW again. I'm going to give it a couple more days, but at the moment I'm pretty sure I'm not going to continue with it. I feel like I "have" to log on and do stuff, and there's nothing to do other than XPing, and I dislike XPing... (Yeah there's chatting as well, but I already pay $15 a month for a pretty IM program.) I just wish I could bring my kitty to FFXI or somehow merge the two games. There are some things that WoW does better than FFXI (shocking I know! :P ), and smushing the two games together would make for one better game (plus then D and Nai and Ai and Dani and Des would still be on the same game! :D <3 ). If I do decide to quit, I need to meet up with one of your alts, D. I'll return the spiffy bags to you. :)

However, if I do quit, it means I need some goals in FFXI -- something to do. My options, in order of likelihood:
1) Level alchemy on a mule. Yeah, it was going to be cooking next, but cooking makes no sense. Cooking ties into none of my other crafts, plus I generally don't craft for money, so it'd be a total waste. Plus I'd likely do alchemy on Jeuno mule Catsoup (he's big enough to see the apron on, unlike taru Yagudokisses), so I'd still have Yag free to do cooking some day if I wanted.
2a) Level PLD. Pros: PLD is the very best job for Campaign! And I've wanted to work on it for many many months now! Cons: I hate XPing. I don't want to ever do AF again and PLD has some really bad places. Did I mention that I hate XPing? Especially with randoms?
2b) Level BLU. Pros: AF is easy! Cons: It's more of a 'wouldn't mind having it leveled' job, no real desire to. See also: Disliking XPing.
3) Save for a Kraken Club. Are they 40M or 60M? Either way, I've never had even half that amount of cash, so it'd be a really interesting goal. I don't need a KC, so it might be a little silly, but of all three goals this one has caught my attention the hardest. It might be interesting to try to actively make money again!

Of course the other option is not to look for a goal on FFXI or try to make myself stick with WoW and do RL stuff instead. That's actually not a bad idea, but it's the darned hardest of them all. I was kind of thinking about looking for a Tai Chi class (I could pretend I was waterbending! :P ), that would at least be a small increase in physical activity. I'd really like to stop sitting in front of the computer 24/7...
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