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Political stuff, skip if you feel like it.

I've been trying hard not to post about political crap lately. I don't like fighting with other people, I don't like making others feel bad, and posting about that stuff tends to do both of those things. This post will probably do it in spades. However, these damned arguments have been circling around in my head for days now, so maybe getting them written down will finally make it stop.

Final warning: If you do not agree with my view on things, you really should probably just skip the rest of this.

How many issues do I have with Palin? Let me count the ways...

1) She's an Evangelical Christian, which would be amazingly scary on its own.
2) She's so anti-choice that she doesn't even believe in abortion in the case of rape or danger to the mother. Excuse my language but: That's fucking sad.
3) She's a Creationist. If I had more power in this world, I would make a rule that no Creationist could hold a position of power in the government. Want to run something? Your church is thataway.
4) (Less than 10 years ago, she was a member of a group who believed that Alaska should leave the US and become its own country. Great US presidential material there! In parentheses because there's not firm confirmation on this.)

The Creationist thing kills me the most of those items. The overwhelming majority of scientists believe that Evolution is correct, but you (with your zero degrees in any of the sciences) feel you know better? How arrogant is that? "Yes, yes, the scientists have spent a decade or so in universities studying this, it became their life work since then... but I know better~!" I try very very hard never to think that there are people in the world like that. People with no advanced education, or a degree in some totally unrelated field, assuming they could possibly know better than people who have studied this all their lives. The fricking overwhelming majority of people who have studied this all their lives. What in the world could lead people to think they could know better than the experts? (This isn't even just political/religious stuff. My mother often says she knows medical stuff better than doctors do. That drives me insane.)

That's the same arrogance I find in anti-choice people. "I know better than you what to do with your body!" You don't believe in something? Don't do it. But hey, if we're going to tell other adults what to do with their bodies, then all you anti-choice people form a line over here. I'm going to get 'I love gay sex!' tattooed on you. How about hot pink ink and all caps? With a giant rainbow behind it? You have no issues with that, right? Since we're forcing our own personal opinions onto other adults' bodies?

And the irony, utter irony, of Palin's 17 year old daughter being pregnant. How's that 'don't teach contraception in school because we can do it better at home!' argument working for you?

I'm torn between leaving comments on and turning them off, but since I believe that my LJ is a form of dialog, I guess I'll leave them on. :) Comment away!
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