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Awww! <3

How about a change in pace and have a happy, loving image this morning? :D

A Softer World is a great "comic". It's dark enough to be satisfying, smart enough to make you think, and gives a really interesting (and often crazy) POV on the world/relationships/life in general.

I love love love today's strip. Yay love!

i come rough, tough like an elephant tusk.

If you don't follow the comic, the image's alt text often holds extra jokes. I've included it here, just hover over the image to see it. (Would you believe it's been so long since I worked with HTML I had to google to confirm that alt="" was the right format? o.O I used to be able to do all that stuff in my sleep!)

Edit: Hm, maybe LJ doesn't support alt text. Well, here it is. "i come rough, tough like an elephant tusk."

Edit 2: Well, so much for keeping this about love. Um. Humor = love? *stretches* This image is too good not to link to, I'd display it if I didn't already have one image in this post:

Never say that the RNC doesn't get its share of time in my LJ. *snickers endlessly*

I hadn't even known there was an English Fail Blog! I'll have to hunt it down and check it out.

Edit 3: A Softer World put out two comics today! And I actually almost like today's second one better! It made me snicker out loud at work. :D

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