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I'm a computer, baby. (FFXI)

So the COR AF2 is called... Commodore. Allow me to say: Blah. What an awful name! Yes yes, I know it has relations to sea-things, but still. How about Pirate? or Captain? Commodore is just... blech. (Blech name to go with blech look?)

Commodore Frac
DEF:45 STR+3
Accuracy+8 Ranged Attack+8
Enhances "Random Deal" effect
Lv74 COR

Comm. Bottes
DEF:16 HP+12 DEX+3 INT+3
Accuracy+5 Enmity-3
Lv73 COR

Only two pieces found so far. I don't get the boot (bottes) stats at all... AF1 has +racc, +str, +hp, +agi. All CORs basically wear them and never take them off. AF2 boots are for meleeing for TP I guess? :/

The frac I like a lot. AF1 has +HP, +dex, +agi, +racc, but I'd much rather have ratt over racc. And anything that enhances Random Deal is A-OK in my book.

Edit: I like the Corsair's Frac +1 better than AF1 or AF2~!

Corsair's Frac +1
DEF:43 HP+20 DEX+5 AGI+5
Ranged Accuracy+10 Ranged Attack+5
Lv74 COR

That's damned sexy... and has the better armor model, too. Eeee. :D

And darned BG is crashing, too many people check there for datamining goodness. :(

Edit: Mmm, AF2 is full of ratt goodness!
Comm. Tricorne
DEF:24 HP+10
Ranged Attack+8
Augments "Phantom Roll"
Lv75 COR

Commodore Gants
DEF:14 HP+12 AGI+2
Ranged Accuracy+5
Enhances "Snapshot" effect
Lv72 COR

COR AF1 hands are useless. AF2 are less so! But what the heck is Snapshot and how does it enhance something we don't have? o.O

Just missing the AF2 legs at this point. AF1 legs are less than worthless, but hopefully the AF2 ones will be better!

Edit: And last piece:
Comm. Culottes
Lv. 71
DEF:30 HP+22 STR+3 AGI+3
Attack+3 Evasion+3

Pants are still meh. Maybe good enough to replace my non-AF pants though? That'd be nice.

Edit. Oh my, the belt is really, really nice!
Commodore Belt
Ranged Accuracy+8 Ranged Attack+5
Lv70 COR

All in all: It's about damned time that CORs got some ratt! :D Name and looks aside, I'm not unhappy at all with this stuff. :D
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