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We Did It! :D

1/21! We finally beat ToAU 44! :D :D :D :D I know that's probably the record for most attempts ever on the whole server, but still! Woo! We did it!

Interesting that it was Firesday, just like iniadelphinae won on. Probably just chance, but still interesting.

We won with, what was it, 8 minutes to spare? And nearly no deaths. Vel (our PLD) died early on because my math failed (ha ha, it's amazing it hadn't been wrong before now) and I had people wake up the BLU too soon after his two hour. I died once with Alex around 20%, and Mert (our THF) died right near the end. We went on and killed the second guy while Vel unweakened.

While I'm sorry we wasted so much of our helpers' time, I'm still glad we did it! Eh, did the fight, not waste their time. So hard, but gods, that makes it feel so so so so much better when you win. :D I feel like I could take on the world and win right now!

The CSs and story were so worth it. *sniffles* And amusingly, the NPCs finally acted in a reasonable way: They wouldn't let me in to see the Empress and other nation officials because I wasn't wearing any pants. :P

I don't know how good the other rings are, but that rocks for COR! Racc and ratt! Mmmmmmm. I love it!

And I finally got the item that I've wanted since it was added to the game, and with it I finally finished my MH! That's the ToAU half of it. :D :D :D My favorite expansion times a millionkazillion! And my MH is full of it!

The three of us who needed the fight in our Glory Crown goodness, plus Vel: Try not to look at Mert if you click this. ;) Not pictured are Achi our MNK and Ultimage our RDM.

SPOILER IN LINK: This was so amazingly and wonderfully sad and I love love love love that third to last line of text (about the ocean). That sort of thing utterly kills me in stories and such. (I love how FFXI deals with deaths/afterlives.)

I know I'm like their hero now or something, but it still felt wrong to be a Corsair standing there with the Empress. The place must have been crawling with Immortals. I don't care why they wanted me there, I really would rather not have been in there. (Besides, I think that's the room where evil naikitty killed Thistle's son. ;) :D ) Even just looking at that screenshot now makes me want to shoo Thistle out of there. :D (Um, if you don't know who the Empress is, I guess this screenshot is a spoiler, too.)

Last screenshot is non-ToAU related, but since I was editing screenshots... I took this picture to show off what COR AF2 looks like, but we got hit by something right when I took it and it made for a cool shot. Don't know what hit us, some spell I guess. Bzzzzzt! Crackle! And even after all these years, I still love my O Hat dat mod. :D

Man, I'm so hyper and bouncy. I can't believe we finally did it! Many many many thanks to everyone who helped us all along! veloxe and xvolph our tanks (I wish you could have won with us too, Ten! That we could have had both of you with us!). Ultimage (no LJ that I know of) our patient RDM with the cutest little accent (yay Vent!). And of course achika_soladia/Achi, who came in and took the place of the DRK we kicked. And to niffy who had emergency meds for us! And everyone who told us not to give up, especially quistie -- I kept telling myself we couldn't give up because then you would. :D Oh! And to mertondew and philia/Dani who never wanted to quit even when I left the door open and perhaps tried to nudge us through it. ;) And I hope I didn't forget anyone! People are what make FFXI so very worth playing, and all of you are shining examples of that. :D I wish I could somehow pay everyone back, especially for all the time the helpers put in, but all I can do is say a big: Thank You! <3 <3 <3

Heeheehee, we did it!
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