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Question for Tivo people

My Tivo has been doing a strange thing lately. (No, it got over thinking I'm Vietnamese.) It's recording paid programming (those 30 minute long commercials), and it appears to be doing it on purpose.

It's not saving them under 'Tivo Suggestions', so it's as if I set it to record them. It lists the name of the program as "Teleworld Paid Program" with an odd icon next to it (a Tivo icon? Four colors, like in the Tivo logo, but in a circle instead). Sometimes Tivo doesn't change the channel correctly and I get odd things recorded, but when that happens it saves it under the name of the program it was trying to record. Since it's saved under 'Teleworld Paid Program' it has to have recorded this on purpose...

Is anyone else's doing something like that? Is this a new, um, service? feature? (ha) that Tivo is offering? I could thumbs down the show and see if it learns that way, but it shouldn't be recording them at all...

I did a quick googling and found nothing newer than 2007 about it.
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