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Furries are terrorists! You heard it here first!

Image: "A "polar bear" caused a commotion outside the Columbia Heights Metro station Tuesday morning."

The bomb squad was called to deal with the "large polar bear dressed in clothes". "The bear was cut open by the bomb squad to see what was inside." Heeheehee.

Full story here.


In FFXI news, Dyn-Windy was blah. Nine+ hour work day, ran home and sat down at the computer, start time came moments after...and a bunch of people went AFK for 15/25/30 minutes for dinner. >< You don't arrive on time and then go AFK for that long! Grrr! I hadn't had even a moment of time to myself yet that day, and now we had to wait for people willing to make 30+ other people wait on them. >< Drops were blah (though the two SMN pieces seemed to make people happy) and the event just dragged on and on and on. It wouldn't have been so bad if work hadn't been bad/long, but it kind of sucks when the first time you get time to yourself an hour before you have to go to bed.

Chocobo racing sucks ass now, which pisses me off to no end. Whatever they did in to it in the last update sucks -- stats appear to no longer matter. My bird gets beaten badly by birds without a fraction of his stats. I've done four races this week and I've lost something like 120K gil (which means I need to spend many hours more racing for chocobucks -- something I'm no longer willing to do). This isn't something unique to me, other racers are reporting the same thing.

Those two paragraphs make this next one amusing, but: I'm happy I'm enjoying FFXI again. I wonder what happened that last month or two when I was disliking everything about the game. I wonder if it was burn-out or if I was depressed RL (or both, one causing the other). Either way, I'm happy it's gone! I like being able to look forward to playing, to smile in the middle of the work day because I'm thinking about something I'll do on-game.

Yet another meeting now, *pantpant*.
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