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Ow, ow.

I'm working too damned hard for a late Friday afternoon. I can feel the stress/tension right between my shoulder blades. Darned insane here... If only I could leave early like the rest of the company is...

I've actually been walking hurriedly around so much, my legs hurt. Wimpy desk jockey am I...

Bah. Thank god for the three day weekend. I'm going to go into my apartment, close and lock the door, and not leave until Tuesday morning.
I have almost three weeks of vacation time. After my mother comes out, I'll still have almost two weeks. I'm going to take a whole week off soon and just hide out from people...

...oh, hm. I so much want to get a kitten (I'm just not because I've had my current cat for 10+ years, and it's always been just the two of us). But wouldn't it be great to get a new kitten, then take two weeks of vacation off to take care of it and get to know it? But then, my current cat doesn't get vaccinations anymore, so that'd be tricky...

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