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A little tech help? / Sometimes good guys win (FFXI)

First off, heeeeellllllppppp! What would cause me to crash over and over and over (every couple minutes) in Dynamis? I don't crash like that at any other times in the game. Sure random crashes now and then, and in Besieged it's more likely, but in Dynamis it's every couple minutes!

I don't think my computer is overheating. It was only 80 outside, cooler in my apartment, I had the AC on and a big box fan blowing into it (housing open to let the wind in).

I see no odd graphic glitches. I'm just happily typing, running, or just standing around and everything freezes and then a Windows error (send error report, y/n?) and I have to restart POL.

My graphics card is a year old? Couple years? Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT. I have no issues with upgrading it if that would help.

I ran a file check and it found nothing at all. After the first crash I turn off any and all plugins.

Crashing every few minutes in Dynamis is unacceptable. Everyone had to pass on my AF so that I could get it before I crashed again -- embarrassing! Not to mention I'm not very useful when I'm not there!


There's a "bad" Dynamis LS on Midgar: Calamity. They'll steal zones (go in with 2-3 people if some other LS is gathering to go in, just to hold the zone), they not just refuse to random for the zone -- they won't even respond to tells from other LSs about trying to work something out. Rude folks. Unfortunately they seem to go at the same time as us, and they were after our Sandy. (We were already gathering by the time their first person got there, and they lied to us and told us to take our time in gathering because they were so slow... this was before they put the Calamity pearl on.) Unfortunately we had a member who needed Sandy, so we wanted the zone.

Happily we had enough people get on in time that we beat them to going in! And it made for an exciting start to the night.

I got COR AF2 pants, which should be a YAY, but unfortunately the stats are utterly useless to anything but a melee COR and it used up all of my points to get them. :/ We're going to CoP and northlands for the next couple weeks, and I'm back to zero points. Oh well. I guess I can only hope that two of every COR piece drops... (And man, I'm so happy I'm not a BLU. There's a line of people who want BLU stuff; at least right now there are only two CORs.)

I wish the pants had better stats, because they're surprisingly good looking. Much darker than AF1, no stupid laces/skin tightness, and eee! Dangly bits! I love the dangly bits! Just like on the hat!

So that's two COR AF2 pieces for me, and I'd wear neither of them (unless I was planning to melee for some reason).

Speaking of, I really need to make bullets. Maybe this weekend. zzz

Edit: I have a new sig, yay! Ride 'em Corsair! And away! Made for me by a guy on BG. My attempts at photoshopping it myself failed (my version).
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