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I'm either frantically busy or bored... (FFXI)

I sure do wish I had some middle ground! I had nothing planned for tonight, so I hit Campaign. Been needing more COR merits (my BRD mentality* keeps kicking in and I feel useless other than my shooting), so I want to get more merits in useful stuff so I'm not just dead weight in a party slot at Dyna. Tossed more into lowering recast of Random Deal, but I need so many more...

*My BRD mentality issue is that I've almost never partied with a BRD in my entire time playing FFXI. Twice in 4.5 years, my best guess. So in getting BRD to 75 myself, I never knew or felt the effects of having one in the party. My static melees repeatedly told me how much it helped, but it still felt like I was a useless dead weight 6th member because I wasn't doing any damage. In my brain I know that's not right (BRDs are darned popular for a reason!), but it feels that as a BRD or when I'm not shooting on COR that I'm doing nothing.

So other than Campaign, I did some WotG quests (yay learning about the leathercrafting guild NPCs! That was pretty cool) and some random synthing for money.

Catsoup hit Alchemy 80.4 before I ran out of materials. Thanks to that, FB has 8 stacks of bloody bolt heads and 5 stacks of sleep bolt heads left to process. .6 more to go on bloodies, too. *sob*

Oh! and veloxe made the bestest picture ever! He took my horse sig that I posted last night and made it more Corsair-ish! Man, that made me laugh! :D :D :D I'm going to resize it and make it into my new sig for when that current one gets boring. :D
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