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Best LJ feature ever... And political crap (if you don't like it, blame the Republicans)

From news:
Persistent style=mine for Paid Users

Many of you know that you can add the parameter ?style=mine to a journal URL in order to view that journal in your own journal's style. In the spirit of giving users more of what they've been asking for, we're giving our users with Paid Accounts a persistent style=mine option. If you want to override other journals' styles with your own all of the time, just turn on the "View all journals and communities in your own style" setting at the Viewing Options page. This will make it so every journal you view will always be shown in your own style.

?style=mine is my BFF, it saves me from horrible color schemes (dark blue on black? Thanks, but no), tiny little or non-"normal" fonts (dude, your LJ is supposed to be read, not just look so-called "pretty"), journals where style images take up more space than the posts themselves, and assorted crap like that. I can enforce my "reason" onto everyone else! Bwahahaha! ...well, in my own eyes, at least. And saving my eyesight counts for a lot!


I've been biting my tongue on posting this for days, but here goes:

Political commercials are annoying enough, but why did the Republicans have to start up with the attack ads? Not to mention, the outright dishonest attack ads. I can't watch TV for 10 minutes without seeing Republican attack commercials. And please note that the attack ads are only coming from that side. Why is that? Oh, let's look at one of the commercials as an example and see if we can figure that out~

In the latest commercial they're spamming, they claim Obama does not have the experience to handle this current economic crisis. Let's look at the utter dishonesty in that: Just last week, McCain said the economy was healthy, strong, etc. Then, the next week, he's all "OMG! The sky is falling! Nope, can't debate because I was totally wrong and that might be brought up we have to concentrate on fixing this!" (Edit: See comments for more info!)

So, yeah. Attack ads coming from their side only. Complete dishonesty. Way to go, Republican party. Lot of respect for you on that.

And something which might surprise folks: California had Prop 8 up for debate (same-sex marriages) and I'm so totally sick of seeing the (pro!) ads for it. Yes, it's an important issue. Yes, the word has to get out. But dudes! I'm already voting with you! They're running these ads every 10 minutes (no exaggeration). If they're annoying me (who so totally agrees with them), how much would they be annoying people who haven't decided yet?
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