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Crampy Saturn Apple ONSes

Topic 1: First off, Mallen, you better run far and fast! I'm coming after you and I'm going to kidnap you and tie you up in my kitchen. You're going to make jam/jelly for me for the rest of your life! Bwahaha! Apple pie jam? Oh my god. It was sooooo good. I never even thought of apple pie jelly before! It's amazingly good! It tastes just like apple pie filling! Mmmm. Thanks. :)

Topic 2: These Saturn Ion (Ion? Io? Something like that) commercials are freaking me out. They use the Forever Young song, and show the car driving through a high school prom. I did not go to my prom, I didn't want to go, I would have been miserable if I had gone... but this darned ad makes me want to have gone! And between this ad and the one before it ('Leaving Childhood', this one was called 'Leaving High School'), it makes me almost want to think about buying another Saturn. How silly is that? TV commercials really should not influence your car buying decisions (not that I'm shopping for one.) I've had two Saturns now, and my next car will *not* be another Saturn... unless maybe they keep making good ads...

Topic 3: Played too much Animal Crossing today and yesterday. Shoulders and arms are cramped from holding the controller. Bah.

Topic 4: Tonight's ONS went okay. A little shorter than usual. Nothing really outstanding, but general fun. The one next week should be better. Rarr! Chia (ferriswheel_buller or whatever her LJ name is) has a rocking NPC. We giggle on the staff channel through the whole ONS. Poor, poor Peter. He's such a lackey. :)

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