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Chocobo-related events (FFXI)

One day, one day!, I will become a top level digger. Apparently digging every single day for more than four years isn't enough dedication (literally every single day: I dig on my birthday, on Christmas, on vacation, I do not miss a day, period). One day I'll get the last level up...

I'm not sure why it's stuck in my head that being able to dig in the Deserts is a Mecca of profit. On days like yesterday, where there's a scheduled downtime, I get to dig there. (I log off at the zoneline with all my greens, then I camp the servers. The second they come up I log in and dig. That way I can usually get most of my 100 items from there. Any other time it's so dug out it's not even worth trying.) I got 6 coral frags, which are good sure, but other than that the only good thing I got was one gold ore. (When I dig in Meri, I tend to get 6-10 gold beastcoins and 2-4 gold ores, plus assorted other high end ores.) So digging in the Desert was actually worse...

On the chocobo racing end of things, I've gotten the Winning Owner title (10 first place wins) and I'm at 19/25 first places towards the Victorious Owner. Last will be Triumphant Owner, which I think is 50 first place wins. I'm focusing on the lowest level races because they're the cheapest and the easiest to win. (Don't ask how I'm doing on making my money back from raising this bird, I've given up on that. I lose too much money trying to do it -- ironic, huh?)

In non-chocobo news, Catsoup hit Alchemy 95. I'm still having major trouble figuring out what my last crafting mule will be. Clothcraft would be the smarter choice (it would work better with all my other mules and I'd have more cross-crafting abilities), but I just don't want to do cloth. Cooking would be lightyears easier than Alchemy (gods, it doesn't look like cooking even gets challenging until level 99!), and cooking would interact with none of my other crafting mules, but... *sigh* I don't want to do cloth. I've done cloth 1-60 four times already. I only did cooking 1-60 once and that was four years ago. Cooking would be new! And I'm pretty sure I'd make more money on cooking... Bah.

Edit: *rolls* I'm never going to get my gold key item.
Day 1 turn in: Gold ring. gold ingot x2 (30K) for 1K GP. No thanks.
Day 2: Gold sword(?). Gold ingot 43 for 1.5K GP.
Day 3: Something, gold ingot x4, 1K GP.
Day 4: Today. Ori earring. Ori ingot x4 (400K), 7K GP.

Compare that to alchemy, where for 4K gil you get 7K GP... Sheesh! :D
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