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A productive night, a plan, and a disturbing image (FFXI, link)

The RL/link first, so non-FFXI people can skip the rest of the post. This may be the most disturbing thing I have ever posted in my LJ. Political... sort of. Not work safe (just barely). No naked bits, no blood. Vaguely sexual image (toy).

I cannot, for the life of me, picture using that as anything other than to throw darts at. If I were a guy, I'd run screaming the other way, not want to stick my parts into it. Gah.


In FFXI, I soloed DRG from 7 to 14. Blah. XPing is so boring, but at least between a ring charge and the XP change it goes quickly. DRG had been my lowest job, so leveling it means I have none left at leather armor stage! That means... *drum roll*... that I could sell the HQ leather armor set I've had for years! Yay space!

My next plan is to get all jobs up to 21, which will mean I can sell off my HQ bone armor set! So three jobs need to be leveled now:
DNC: 16
MNK: 13 (MNK can't wear leather armor line, so it's okay it's not 14).
DRG: 14

SCH (1) and PUP (5) are going to just sit and rot. If I ever work on SCH it can't wear leather/bone/beetle anyway, so it's outside of this reducing-saved-armor plan. PUP is just... gah. I can't stand PUP, the clanky little pets are so darned evil (those blade hands are things of nightmares), I'd never level it. It's bad enough I have to see them around on game.

I guess I'll need to do more research to figure out when I can get rid of the Beetle HQ stuff, since there's no one line of armor that all jobs go to from there. Or maybe I'll just sell it all when DNC is finished with it, since that's the only job going to subjob levels.

Edit: Yeah, it's likely SE will add more jobs in the future, and it's possible I might want to level them, but it's not worth holding armor just for that. It's not even like HQ bone/beetle are all that expensive anymore, and the low levels are so fast that HQ leather armor just isn't needed. Heck, I took MNK to 13 totally naked.
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