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Blah, boo, zzzz, o.O, and ? (FFXI, RP, link, TV)

Blah: RP scene got canceled, after I was watching the clock and counting every minute through Dynamis. Cool person who I like to RP with offered me a different scene, only to find that we both were too braindead to make it happen. :P

Boo: Dynamis. Wow, we sucked. We took so long to kill AB that he cycled through the two hours 4? 5? more? times. And he had lovely timing: I'm a smart pirate, so I stay away from the melees. Hey, I can shoot, I shoot for TP, so why should I stay in AoE range? Damned AB ran over to me, 2 houred (NIN ~.~), that killed me, then he ran back to the melees. On one hand, I could say I saved the melees. On the other... we died way too much this run. Drops were pretty sucky, maybe 3 -1 pieces, NIN belt, and didn't seem like many coins at all. If I'm going to die, I'd like my death to have a reason.

Zzzz: Soloed 3 levels of DNC. Took hours, was amazingly boring, but at least I could watch TV, eat, clean, and AFK while doing it. Literally while doing it, while fighting. I started a fight, did whatever, then came back when it was done to start a new fight. DC mobs to start with, EP by the end. Higher level mobs would have been better, but the zone I was working in (Ronf_S) was nice and I didn't feel like finding a new one. DNC 28 now. Still hating the job.

o.O: Who the heck thought this would make a good drink container? Mmmm, sperm? (Work safe I guess. It's sold in stores, so...) And if it's not supposed to be a sperm, what is it supposed to be? Tapeworm? (Is that any better?)

? : TV. On-Demand is replaying Six Feet Under, and since I missed the last couple seasons, I decided to start watching it from the beginning. Wow. I can kind of see why I dropped it, and I wonder if I'll get through all the seasons I saw to reach the new ones. So many characters I cannot stand.

Nate's girlfriend, Brenda, and her insane brother are the worst. They make the series nearly unwatchable to me. It's not helped by my (at best) indifference to Nate. I strongly dislike Claire as well. I want to like David and Ruth, but they keep rubbing me the wrong way.

Not one single main character I like. Keith, the black cop, is the only one I don't dislike at this point... but then he has almost no character development yet.

How does one watch a TV series where you like no one? :/ Well, at least there's gay sex!
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