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Mon- eh, Tuesday morning blahs

If all had gone well last night, I would have had 4.5 hours of solid sleep. Not enough, but not so little I'd want to slit my wrists. However, instead of sleeping I had serious stomach troubles, and was in the (freezing cold) bathroom for about half that time. This morning I still feel like crap (something of a pun there...). I made my morning oatmeal, and I'm hungry in some way, but my stomach is currently protesting /water/ so I might just skip it.


Nothing like being at work, when a call might come in and keep you on the phone for who knows how long, and have stomach troubles that prompt dashes to the bathroom. ('Dash' is sort of a laugh, it'd be more like a stagger. Legs are shaky and weak, and my head is edging towards dizzy.)

I deserve this though. A couple months ago I ate Burger King and had much the same reaction. I vowed never to go back. I needed lunch yesterday, so I gave them a grudging second chance. Big mistake. Somehow that sort of makes all this easier, that it's my fault. I should have known better, I *did* know better, and I'm paying for not listening to what I knew.

So cold, so achy, so shivery. Hush, stomach, all this will soon pass and things will go back to normal.
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