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Way to be a bitch...

Woman handed out Halloween candy only to those who shared her support for McCain/Palin. Any kids (kids!) who did not agree with her got nothing. A sign outside her house said:

"No handouts for Obama supporters, liars, tricksters or kids of supporters."

Really nice, lady.


In FFXI land, I snuck on for a Dynamis run tonight. I really, really shouldn't have. I needed no drops from the zone, was just going for fun/to help. I lost 10K XP. >< >< >< That's a whole merit's worth of XP I'll have to make up for nothing. Not only did we die (and wipe) over and over, I got R1s almost every damned time (just once I got a R2). What a waste. (Yeah, I know, RR hairpins exist. No need to point that out.)
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