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Yay technology! (RL)

Discover Card was running a great special: Open a card, make one purchase, and get a free GPS! Wow, I had had no idea how amazingly cool and helpful a GPS is! Especially for someone with zero sense of direction. Mine has a wonderful female voice who helpfully tells me "Turn left in .1 miles... turn left here." and if I miss the turn it recalculates the route! Unfortunately I learned about this and opened my card on the last day of the offer, so I couldn't poke others to do the same.

Having gotten the GPS, I called to cancel the card. Hee, the woman was so angry! She said things like "You realize that cost us over $300, right?" and "We don't give these things out to people who are just going to cancel their cards..." and all sorts of things like canceling the card right away would ruin my credit rating (ha). She had the worst attitude, but what do they expect? If they didn't want people to cancel, they should have put a minimum membership length in or something like that...

I finally picked up a card reader, which permitted me to download my photos off my camera. Yay!

First off, for those who read Clare Bell's Named series, here's the photo I took ages back: Signed copy of the latest book before it was released! :D :D Kittyface! (The blurred box is my RL name, didn't want that floating around on the net.)

Second, I took some pictures of an interesting purchase of mine... We went to a Japanese "dollar" store ($1.50 store -- most everything there was $1.50) and I spotted this:

A goose... penis cover? For both sexes? Who could resist that for $1.50! Here's the back, check out the directions... and the guy's expression. I was so amused in the store, what else could this be other than some kind of penis puppet?

Out of the box, it was less than impressive. I unrolled it (and had to tape it, so it didn't roll back up).

It turns out it's not a puppet, it has no opening in it. I think you're supposed to just tape it to your crotch? My penis goose is flaccid.
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