Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

See? See?

Mostly for PokeMUSH staffers, but anyone who cares can look.

Why I've been typoing more lately

My cat has found a new place to sleep.

Warning: They're pretty big. They'll also give you a view of my desk area though.

A couple things to look for in the pictures: The BK drink is from my ill-fated meal yesterday. The potato chips are ... well, three or four weeks old. I open a bag, eat a couple, then never touch the bag again (I'm not a big chip fan).

Hm, I was going to crop picture #3, somehow the lines got saved in it. Odd.

So, anyway, the silly cat keeps rolling and pushing to get closer to me, and it moves my keyboard nearly off my desk. I got an excuse!
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