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WoW and FFXI

I didn't really feel like logging on to WoW last night, but it had been quite a few days since I last had and I had nothing at all I felt like doing on FFXI, so I did. My goal is to hit 50 before I reach the end of my month (12/10), and since I got to 49.5 last night, that'll probably happen. (I even still have a lot of rested XP left, so it should be doable).

I only spent an hour or so XPing though, then I got distracted with fishing (and apparently swimming around the world). I noticed the area I was XPing in had an ocean coast, so I checked it out. Once I saw it had those schools of fish, I was hooked. I spent the next few hours peacefully fishing... around all the aggro.

Okay, apparently I'm really confused about something. The mobs with the gold around their names are the higher level ones with better drops? Whatever they are, they're apparently nothing at all like NMs in FFXI. There I was, peacefully fishing, when a damned (whatever) Strider came walking by. It was the same level as me, but I knew if I didn't kill it it would sneak up on me and kill me while fishing, so I took it on (and won, woo!). Outstanding XP, by the way. Then, before I got back to the water, I saw the Strider coming at me again. WTF? What the hell was the spawn rate of these things? Well, it was good XP, so... I started fighting it and this happened: Okay, really, WTF? I'm fighting one and another shows up as I'm fighting! I ignored that extra one and checked out the rest of that section of the coast -- it was full of them! (And they dropped nothing but a little gil.) So apparently they're not exactly rare. c.c They sure did interrupt my fishing though.

I really have a bad habit in WoW: I keep swimming just to see how far I can get! Last night I swam for 45 minutes before giving up and hearthstoning. This time I did find something interesting though: A totally empty town. o.O A fire was going in it, there was a windmill, but not a single person or NPC. Kind of freaky...

This amused me way, way, way more than it should have:

Sad as a status! Ha ha ha. :D

And lastly, speaking of sad... the rare times I see myself from the front, I never fail to boggle. How-- Why am I playing something so ugly? D: FFXI Thistle isn't beautiful, but at least he looks normal. Man. And surprisingly, my face is actually the least ugly part of me. It's the arms, hands, legs, and feet hooves that really bother me. They're just so... clunky. No detail. The sizes are so wrong (why are my forearms way wider than my whole head?).

In FFXI land, we did another run of ZNMs on Wednesday night. I got my belt, yay!

That'll hold me over until I get my AF2 one.

Dynamis (Sandy) was today, but it was annoying. I wanted BRD and/or BST. Timeline:
BRD dropped. Went to someone else.
BST dropped. Outlotted minutes after I lot (so I had thought it was mine).
BRD dropped. Outlotted. ><
Finally, in the last three minutes, BST dropped again and this time I won them. Got them right before time ended.

COR, especially COR/NIN, has very little power to save people when they're in danger, but I tried when Mert (kiting stones) was near death. I ended up dying before I could do much at all... then we wiped so it was moot anyway.

Really. All in all a frustrating day on-game. Tomorrow should be better.
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