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"You live in your world, we'll live in ours."

Just a day after I told Kirby(kirbyk) that cable net access was stable and good, mine goes out. @whee. Who knows how long it was really out for, because while checking connections and rebooting, I somehow knocked a cable out. Two hours later, while on hold with their tech support, I checked everything again.

"Hm," I said to myself, noting one of the modem's lights wasn't on. "Wonder what that one is?"

PC-modem connection.

Look down. See cable falling out of the hole-y thing. Stuck it back in, heard it click in. Went back to the computer to check the connection.



Uneventful night otherwise. Without net access, I played FFX for hours. Lots of leveling up, but no story-progress forward. I really want to get that last aeon before going after Sin, but it's slow going...

Gods, I love the new PS2 ads on TV. One is a little old lady sitting in a wheelchair in a nursing home. They focus in on her, and she's babbling to her daughter and grandson about needing to kill the silver dragon, but that something stole her golden key. The little kid leans in and whispers to her, "Use the magic stones." Then the announcer says, "You live in your world, we'll live in ours."

The second ad is even better. Maybe 20 really old men and women lurking about, leaning on cars, being all teenager-ish. Then they dance. Really dance, in some modern, street, gang-ish way. It's really funny, and really really scary.

Anyway, picture of the day:

Click it for the full picture. (Work safe.)

While I like Auron a lot (*swoon!* Auron!), a while ago Jecht became my favorite. It was far from a fast process, and I can't even pinpoint when it happened.

At first I hated him. He appeared to be a sucky father (something that prods at emotional buttons in me), selfish, stuck-up, shallow... but the more we learned about him, the less that seemed to be true. Except him being a sucky father. While he loved Titus, I still think he was a bad father. Maybe he couldn't help it, maybe he didn't know how to be a better father, but that didn't change the things he did and said. Calling your kid a cry-baby? That's wrong.

So why do I like him so much?

I don't know. Look-wise, he's seriously my type. Dark skined, soccer player-ish. Mmm. But is he a bad person? Good? He gave his life to become an aeon, which (strongly) implies he was good, but...

Ah well, I guess we'll see. :)
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