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Death Note and Dynamis

Well, I finally finished Death Note today. I didn't feel happy it was over, pleased/displeased at how it ended, my biggest reaction was being sad that such amazing potential was lost. If they had stopped when L died, or if L hadn't died and the ending had L instead of Near catching Light... either of those options would have worked for me.

So much unbelievable stuff in the second half of the series. I don't care how smart Near was, he was a kid. He did not have the world experience to back up his intelligence. He should NOT have been Light's equal (or better, I guess I should say).

The whole plot about how Light was caught was flawed. Near's man, Giovanni(sp?), followed the X-Kira into the bank, into the safety deposit box area, and broken in/picked the lock/whatever to get the real notebook. Sorry, but: BS. That's not how banks work. Right there, fatal flaw, Near doesn't win.

I sort of liked Light's end though, I think. Shot, running. I liked the part about Ryuk for sure (writing Light's name), it nicely brought everything full circle.

I wish I knew what the writers of the manga had been thinking. Was it so amazingly popular in the first half that they felt the need to extend it and so tossed in Near and Mello? Or was it just a writer's bad decision, thinking it was a good idea?

And I loved how Light saw L right before he died. Which reminds me: I need to find fanfic now! Eee, I hope there's some good stuff out there! (Recs anyone?)


I almost skipped out on Dynamis tonight. I wasn't feeling well and work is bad/kept me late, so I walked in the door just moments before starting time. Another LS was trying for the same zone so we had to rush in and they needed people, so I ended up going.

I had thought I needed nothing from the zone, but apparently I didn't have the WHM shoes yet. They dropped, I won the lot! ...then I noticed that a WHM main had lot as well, so I passed. Was the fair thing to do. I was hoping more would drop, but no more of any kind of AF dropped after that (more than an hour), bah.

Oh happy day! On Saturday we're going to Dynamis - Valkurm! My COR belt AND the COR -1 hat drop there! *crosses endless fingers* I've strongly been considering offering to pay for a run to go there just to get my drops. c.c It's only 250K, right?

Hopefully RP tomorrow. Getting twitchy again.
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