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How could Wings missions be so cool and so offensive at the same time?

Note: There will be one text line of spoilers in this post (for an early Wings mission). If you were up to date before the December update, you won't be spoiled.

Screenshots contain spoilers for missions from the December update!

The first of the new CSs had me staring at the screen. I had forgotten how amazingly offensive this guy is:

Add a permanent limp wrist to that... God.

Cait Sith, however, is the coolest character ever. I love her cape! Her tail ring! How she can just float randomly around!

However, even more than her, I love Aquila! Name a character with more, eh, character than him! I love his poses, too. And this? *dies* :D :D

I'm really, really hoping one of the new avatars will be Cait Sith. If it is, I'll take SMN to 75 just so I can have her following me around. (Though, assuming the avatars will be ToAU ones, I might have to take SMN to 75 anyway!) I could see the logic of letting her be one -- since there are so many of them, one could stick with the PC!

Only other thing I did tonight was try to farm up my gothic boots. Almost three hours of killing things in Xarc. Not one single perma chest. (And only two temp ones.) Not one single locked chest. 100 mobs killed. Yeah, that's the 10% drop rate SE announced...

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