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It's time... (FFXI)

I've resisted as long as I could. I think it's time to make a new mule and start him on clothcrafting. *bouncie*

An elvaan in Windy. I need to figure out a good name for him. Unfortunately mules need lots of prep work before they can start crafting, so that'll take much of the weekend.

Do Lure of Wildcat quest in Windy.
Run him with a full gobbiebag of moss to feed the sheep.
Run him to Jeuno to get ToAU access for his locker.
While in Jeuno, full upgrade of gobbiebag (or as far as he can go after one load).
In Whitegate, start missions. Finish Wildcat quest for 300g teleports. (Saves buying airship pass!)
Do mission for locker access.

So much running around! I guess he'll need to do the weekly quests for safe upgrading, too. (Wow, I haven't had to do those in four years!)

Before I start this, I need to get the last 8K or so XP to WHM 73 through Campaign. Depending on where we go, I might skip Dynamis on Saturday.

I just need to think up a good name for him...

Edit: Moko! I wonder if that's taken. ("Moko grass" is an item, and Moko is a name I've used in the past for a NPC.) Eee. I have to go shopping after work, but I want to go home instead and see if the name is free. :D

Edit: Bah, Moko's taken. I was set on that, too...
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