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I am ill prepared (RL)

Worst time to find out all your flashlights have dead batteries: When the power goes out.

Last night I sat in the cold dark for ~4 hours. It's amazing how dark it is without all the little LCD lights on your electronics. It's almost scary how quiet it is, too.

Other things I perhaps might want to change in the future: Having phone numbers on paper. "Oh, the power is out, guess I'll call the power company and report it! *turns to computer* ...oh wait. Okay, I can just check a bill for the phone number!, I pay those online..."

I had my Nintendo DS for entertainment... except I couldn't find any games. c.c That Professor Layton one was in the DS, but that was rather hard without being able to write the puzzles down on paper to work on them that way. It's a shame, I had wanted to re-start Animal Crossing on the DS, last night would have been a perfect time, but I couldn't find the game. Pitch black apartment and all.

Finally I just went to bed. At 8 PM. Luckily(?) I hadn't slept much the night before so sometime around 9 PM I actually fell asleep. Power came on about 11 PM.

I could have gotten into my car and gone somewhere with power, but I hadn't known what caused the issue and so figured sitting tight would be best. Yeah, I have a radio, but its batteries were dead, too.

I suck at planning ahead.
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