Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Vacation thoughts

I know it's silly to be planning another vacation when I have one coming up in a month, but the one next month is my mother coming out for a visit and I hardly consider that to be a "real" vacation. Stressy? Yeah. Going to wear me out by playing hostess all week? Yeah. Going to make me climb walls because I won't have one second alone to myself? Yep. Vacation? NO.

There's going to be a Harry Potter convention at Walt Disney World, and for a few minutes I pondered that. It might be interesting, but it's in mid-July, and in the middle of peak season (and summer) is the very last time I want to go to Florida. If I wanted to go to Disney, I'd go late October... but I really have no wish to go to WDW. Years ago I had a great time going, but now... eh. The idea of riding rides doesn't really hold much thrill for me, and seeing (Disney) characters... eh. I really find no reason to go anymore. The last Disney movie I really loved was Lion King, and even many years ago there was little LK stuff at WDW.

I'd really like to go to Las Vegas. I've never been before, which seems like an odd thing. As a (very big) added bonus, from what I hear you can drive there in 8-10 hours from here. I'd much, much rather drive than fly. Only problem with this plan is that my mother wants to go to Vegas with me. Sigh. I do love her (of course) but... I want to go on a vacation alone! My last vacation was her coming out here. The vacation before that was me going to NY and staying with her. ...sigh. I don't want to hurt her by telling her no, but... if I don't then I'll never get a vacation alone...
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