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Weekend round-up (FFXI, RP, little RL)


Dyna-Xarc: Got my wish -- DRK head fell and I got it, which made me 5/5. Yay +5 storage! I got my first DRK AF2 piece three years ago, so these things have been cluttering up my storage for way way too long. Very little AF dropped other than that. Picture since it'll likely never come out of storage.

CoP: Lived up to its usual annoying self. First part (50 cap Psx'whatever crawl) was okay -- better than I remembered. Second bit (NM fight outside Jeuno) was okay. Last part (60 cap Pso'whatever crawl) took longer than both of the first two and was many times more annoying. Going to do the mithra BC on Monday, blah. (At least the mithra/snoll fight will be new to me.)


I'm sick! Wahhh! Don't wanna be sick. Nose is red now because I've been blowing it/sneezing all day.

Wings final mission fight: Would have been better if everyone hadn't repeatedly told us how easy it was. We underestimated it. Still won, but was close. Mages need refresh for this. I have zero clue how anyone would solo it. We did PLD, WHM x2, SCH, DRG and it was really close (all due to lack of MP). Unfortunately Jeuno flag looks meh, so I'm not putting it up on my limited wall space.

Gah, I love love love the two elf "bad guys" in the missions! :D Likely spoilers, from the post-BC CS: I love his poses! :D And this is a really pretty scene -- such colors!

BLU: 40 to 42, mostly through partying. Oh My God, how do people put up with random parties? I'm about to give up on leveling (again).

Party #1: Had two PL (ugh). Somehow every other fight someone still died, mostly because people were damned stupid. Picture this: Qufim Island, nighttime. One guy aggros a worm, asks in /p if we want to fight or run. Everyone said fight, I said run.
Party member: "lol dont be pussy, This, fight!" (Note: I hate being called "This".)
Me: "Um. Undead? If one person's HP falls..."
Worm: Ha ha! *hits Thistle, HP drops into red*
Every undead in the zone: *heads perk up* Dinner time!

And that was the better of the two parties. #2: A WHM level 42 wearing nothing but level 1 RSE (and gimp sub, of course). RDM (40-something) refused to cast anything, refresh or anything, and would only melee. When we asked him for refresh he claimed that he was keeping up a refresh cycle and to shut the hell up because he wanted to skill up. o.O Finally I said we'd replace him after the fight (note: I wasn't leader, Mr. Gimp WHM was), and he warped, cursing us all the while.

So! A replacement RDM was needed! I suggested on /p that the leader should let me ask, because no one would accept an invite from a rank 1 with a gimp subjob. WHM disbanded the party and warped.

Don't believe me about the WHM? Conversation with Mr. Gimp WHM. (The RDM in this shot was a good one, it was his replacement that sucked.)

I really don't know how people deal with random parties.

So after that, because I didn't have enough frustration yet, I went back to Behemoth's Dominion to try to farm my gothic boots. No luck. I'm up to almost 35 hours on them. ~.~ So annoying.

Good parts of the day: RP on the MUX! Yay! Thistle met Squall, which was fun. Unfortunately Thistle was all depressed and stuff, which (while understandable) was blah. I would have liked for him to be more perky, but he's lost so much (everything...). The annoying thing is he's mourning the Corsairs, but if he were darned well living correctly by their standards he'd be embracing this new chance (just like Squall said!). But he's got so much background crap going on...

Other thing: Finally did my BLU AF1. Amazing storyline, even if lord, Thistle would so not not not not not not not be doing that ICly. Scary stuff. If the game were more IC, I don't know how anyone could level BLU. Immortals are darned scary, and the price you have to pay to become one...

And lastly, two years ago almost-today:

Ha ha! I guess he was new? 75s weren't exactly rare in '06. Still, that's so sweet. :D
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