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How'd we ever solo before /DNC? (FFXI)

It's been a very Blue couple of days. Blue Mage-y. I spent Thursday-Friday XPing. Soloing was... rough. I wanted to work in the past for the sigil refresh bonus, but dammit, I started to suspect that the CoP writers were the ones who designed the Wings zones. What the bloody hell were they thinking putting IT++ beastmen in with EP-- to 45 mobs? Oh, not that many beastmen, just enough to be a big threat to death all the time. Made for relaxing soloing. NOT.

Friday I got three levels in a random party. Amazingly, it wasn't the most horrible awful party ever! Guess there's a first time for everything. :P Oh, it wasn't good, one person was playing two party members and the PL, so basically only one of those three characters was active at once. And nope, he didn't put either of the two melee job party members on auto-attack while dealing with one of the others. Plus he disbanded the party the moment he dinged, when I said repeatedly I was @400. Guy's name was Greatness, which unsurprisingly he wasn't.

Latter half of Friday and Saturday around Dynamis was spent hunting spells. Yay LS people (Beanie and Nif) helped me with two I couldn't solo, and I got six or seven of them on my own. Tomorrow I'm going to get the last one I'm needing, Stinking Gas, in Phomiuna Aqueducts. Hate the zone, but at least a BLU can solo it there. (Looking ahead on the BLU spell list, it's amazingly daunting how many I'm going to need help getting. I hate asking for help! :/ )

Last spell I'll need before 50 is Ice Break, but I can solo that. I'm just going to wait until I'm a little closer to 50.

I have no idea how a non-75 BLU soloed spells pre-DNC. By mistake twice I went out as /NIN, which is a bad joke next to /DNC. I could hold a mob endlessly with /DNC, feeding it TP to use its moves while building TP myself for curing. Man, TP-based impossible-to-interrupt curing is the most broken thing ever.

First piece of darned BLU AF (feet) is going to be mighty tough to get. Tons of sneaking/invisibling through aggro to get to the fight. It's at the Navukgo Execution Chamber, which I think is that horrible, horrible BC from ToAU missions (had to sneak path moths and such?). I'm thinking about skipping it, but then I wouldn't be able to store the AF. Bah.

I'm really enjoying BLU for the sense of accomplishment. Everytime I get a new spell it's like 'Wheeee! I did something today! Yay!'. XPing is still meh, but I have to XP so I'll open up access to more spells. (No clue when I'll be able to. Monday is CoP static, Tuesday is CoP Dynamis. Guess Wednesday is the earliest.)

Damask is at cloth 71, but that was done on Wednesday or Thursday and I haven't touched him since. Did 15 or so levels in a day, now I'm all blah and don't want to touch it. That's not so bad, since he still doesn't have his glasses or apron (at 50K/70K on glasses), and I'd like to get those before going much further.

Still haven't finished up all the crafting I need to do. x.x Lord, this game is a lot of work. I took tonight off to RP on the MUX though, yay! (Though I did learn a spell during it, since I had been planning to do it post-Dynamis.) Tomorrow is learning Stinking Gas and getting the last of that crafting done.
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