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I suck at multitasking (FFXI, RP, Battlestar Galactica)

Dynamis Qufim was tonight, but we didn't win. Got the megaboss down to 1% before we wiped. Boo. Got three AF pieces (and a -1 piece) before then though, which was much better than our Dynamis Xarcabard run the time before (we got three pieces total there, bah). I haven't gotten a piece of anything in a number of runs now, which is depressing.

After Dynamis I went back to soloing BLU. @3K to 50. I could have gotten it tonight, but I decided to log off instead of pressure myself to finish. (I really, really need to skill. XPing on EPs gives me no skillups at all, so my skill level is back around 45 or so.)

All night I RPed on the MUX while working on FFXI. I don't know how other people can do both at once, but it was rough for me. (I'm sure it'd be easier on a melee job, just engage and ignore the window until the mob dies.) Unfortunately multitasking makes me enjoy both things less. That must be unique to me? I know other people multitask lots. I like to RP one scene at a time, and do nothing else while doing it. I have no idea how people juggle RPing in multiple scenes (or RPing and doing something else).

I was very, very happy to get RP (Yay! And I want more!), I just wish I could have concentrated on it and enjoyed it. Wish I could log on again tomorrow, but we have our weekly ZNM fights tomorrow night.

Monday: CoP static
Tuesday (and Saturday): Dynamis
Wednesday: ZNMs

Three days in a row of events is really getting to me. Wish we'd hurry up and finish CoP, but we have a lot left to go. :/

I'm downloading the first 3 seasons (plus something called Razor) of BG. The size of the file is killing me. My computer or connection or something hates BT, I generally only get 20-30 KB/second, so it's taking a week to download this. I'm ready to say to hell with it and just buying the darned DVDs. I'm at 90% though, so just another day or two before I can check it out! I hope I like it, after all this work to get it. :D I suspect I will, I love love love the promos for the eps, I've been wanting to watch it forever.

Ha, I was going to go to bed early tonight, but somehow it got late. zzz
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