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Battlestar Galactica: BT wackiness & meme

You know, I was wondering why the file was listed as 20 gigs or so. Whoever created it made a big mistake (or was being an asshole). The file contains a .rar file for each ep, and inside each of those eps .rars is... all three seasons plus the movie. So I downloaded a file containing 33 copies of the three seasons and the movie.


Also, apparently there was something before season one? I'm watching the first ep of the first season, but it started with a "Previously on Battlestar Galactica...", which is a little odd.

I've only watched a couple minutes of it so far, but I love love love love the camera "style" in it, how jerky/jumpy it is. :D


Fun meme time! I've seen this one on various message boards, but never on LJ until now.

Leave a comment below with whatever's in your copy&paste buffer! Just click the link to leave a comment, then do ctrl-v. Explain the results if you like!
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