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Busy, busy weekend (FFXI)

BLU: 56. Woo lots of AF! I actually got a mostly normal pretty good party this morning. Half Japanese, and they talked a lot, but since it was in Japanese I could just ignore it. Unfortunately we had two NA members other than me, and man they embarrassed me. Why are so many NA players so amazingly immature? These two were /slapping each other each time one did something the other didn't like, insulting each other on /p, etc. I could hardly resist apologizing for them. :/ Anyway, the XP was good. My goal had been to reach 54 today, but we got to 55 and I campaigned for the 10K to 56.

I need a skillup party sooooooooo badly. :/ I've almost never been in an un-synched party yet. Anyone know if you wack on (or cast on) the walls during a Campaign battle, will the Campaign mobs just ignore you? It's hard to resist the free XP in Campaign, but I need to keep my blue magic skill as close to capped as possible, otherwise moves will be harder to learn.

Damask got his cloth up to 76. Two more levels of spider webs -> rainbow thread. Blah.

I spent way too long tonight working on a new sig! I have no idea what it means, but I like silly ones. I almost feel like I should add a leash to this... I'm getting tired of that note, but a BG mod threatened me if I didn't keep it on all my sigs. :P As she's also one of the only women who has ever hit on me, I keep it on there for her. (Edit: Man, FFXI messes up my machine's gamma so badly. Is the sig too dark? Too hard to read? Without FFXI running it looks too dark, with it runningthe lighting looks perfect...)

Monday: CoP. (Plus server downtime, bah.)
Tuesday: Dynamis.
Wednesday: ZNMs.

No more BLU XPing until late in the week, plus I need to catch Shera on the MUX for a scene. Poor Thistle finally has to admit to them that he can't read. (Shera: "We'll train you to be the navigator!" Thistle: "Uh............ *blushes endlessly*".)
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