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Tired but productive (FFXI, RP, TV, diet)

My first night off was my busiest night of the week. Ha ha, how's that for backwards! FFXI, RP, TV, diet in that order.

BLU: Finally got 57. Took me 6 hours to get 3K XP. Campaign sucked tonight. I finally look like a "real" BLU -- I can wear my scorp harness! Yay!

Damask: Hit cloth 77. Finally. Spider webs are killing me, so hard to get my hands on any. One more level of them, then I can fly to 82 on the 40-something stacks of puk wings I have saved up.

RP: I finally got to RP, yay! Thistle "came out" about not being able to read, Squall and/or his SeeD people are going to teach him. That's kind of wacky as not being able to read has been a defining trait of Thistle for so long. I'm going to have to do some research on how long it generally takes a non-kid to learn to read.

CSI: I was so so so sad about Gil leaving, but... wow. Laurence Fishburne is really, really good. He won't be the same, but I bet he's going to be at least as good.

BSG: *drools* I wish I had more time to watch more eps! Love love love Battlestar Galactica! I've only watched six eps or so, but it's reallllllly good. And I darned well need to find the miniseries! It's killing me not knowing why that hot blonde Cylon chick is following the doctor around all the time. Well, I call her "hot", but I'm not sure something so evil/scary really could be considered hot. :P

Diet: I need to somehow get my portion control under control. I find when I cook X amount (the whole package/item/pizza/whatever) I eat the whole thing. I can't just eat some and put the rest away. I'm going to try just cooking the amount I want to eat (instead of thinking I could actually put some away for another meal, like tonight). I refuse to weigh/measure/whatever everything I eat, but I could do a whole lot better at estimating than I am now. I'm not going to cut out any food 100%, but I do need to control how much I eat of that thing.

Exercise, too. I start, stop, start, stop, endlessly. :/ I suck.
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