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Worst ninja in the history of FFXI (FFXI)

You people who tell me that normal, even good, random parties exist must be pulling my leg.

I got an invite to a level synch 47 party in GC. I hate GC, but my only invites I ever get (once a week or so) are there, so I accepted. Go there, wait a half-hour without killing anything. WHM had "DCed" and tank had to go. Hm. Could have been just random chance, so I waited.

I asked the RDM's name. Simple words, none longer than four letters. Leader replied "wut lol i no undstnd u lol" or something along those lines. Ninja arrived. Oddly, she was level 70-something. Couldn't a 70-something NIN get a better party than one synched this far down? I figured maybe she knew the leader, especially since he greeted her with "BULMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Puller (leader, a THF) went out to pull. NIN cast Ni. How did I know? Because she had a /say line in her Ni macro. A NIN 70. Not only that, it was a Dunes voke-style macro. Say line for when it was at 15 seconds, say line when it was ready.

Her voke macro had an /emote. That made it even easier to notice she was only voking once a fight.

A taru NIN who voked only once. "But Thistle, your party had a THF! Tricking would help, right?" The NIN was confused and had no idea how TA worked or how to set it up. She just "lol"ed every time someone tried to talk to her about it.

First mob: JP DRG (first voke) died, main healer (RDM) died.
Second mob: Puller gets a link, we all die.
Third mob: JP DRG died, SCH died.
Fourth mob: Puller gets a link. We all die.
Fifth mob: Puller gets a link. We all die. Mages raise us, somehow get aggro from the bats behind us, we all die again.

I homepointed. (I had used my ring before the first fight, so I had been hoping to stay until it was used up, but it just wasn't worth it.) Leader /slapped me repeatedly by tell.

Sometime around the third fight, the NIN said something like "lol i hope im doin nin ok?". I suggested that she use /echo lines instead of /say in her macros. She replied "lol idk how sum1 made them 4 me". A level 70 NIN who does not know how to set up macros...

At one point the NIN went AFK without notice. She just disengaged, /healed, and didn't return until after we killed it. (Of course, since she didn't have hate, her /heal was never interrupted.)

Gods above. I don't want to do BLU to 75 through Campaign only. I like the job, I want to play it, but I can't put up with this kind of crap.

Got 58 through Campaign and soloing.
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