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Woo, I'm not the worst BRD on the server! (FFXI)

What a busy weekend!

Saturday morning: Learned Hecatomb Wave, Feather Barrier, Magic Fruit, Dimensional Death, Bad Breath, and Eyes On Me.

Then Dynamis-Bastok. Got MNK feet, which were last on my list for wanting. Two pairs of BLU hands dropped, one went to a BLU main lot, the other went to a higher level BLU. Both made sense, but... BST body dropped, last piece I need. I lotted a 92. ~.~ Very annoying.

Saturday night: Damask's cloth from 72 -> 82. He's done for a while while I focus on BLU. (Maybe...)

Sunday morning: Tried to Campaign, crashed over and over. ~.~ Got a party invite! Leader's name was familiar, but I couldn't recall how I knew her. I think she's a /shout spammer in Besieged... but either way, yay! Now I know I'm not the worst BRD on the server. I actually felt guilty for being in the party she was leeching from getting XP from. She refused to pull. Refused to sleep/hold mobs even though the area was overcamped and we were getting no birds because every other party was sleeping/holding them. She would only give a grand total of two songs, no matter that we had mages and melees in the party.... and she couldn't even keep those two songs on us. Nor would she adjust the two songs, like giving us two ballads when everyone's MP was empty. She skilled staff the whole time, announcing each new level of it like we were supposed to cheer it. Level 74 BRD synched down so, pretending not to know that, I asked her LS mate in the party by /tell if this chick was new to BRDing. Add onto all this she kept going AFK and turning her computer speakers off so we couldn't use [call] to call her back and just wow. She dinged 75 in the party. I'm so so so sorry to the people of Midgar that I've helped raise another utterly useless BRD...

Other than the BRD (and an amazingly gimp DRK), the party was okay. Mr. Gimp DRK kept pushing us to change camps. We had moved from crowded bird camp to totally empty bird camp, but the XP per kill was a little low (90-150 without chain), but we were killing every 30 seconds or so and chaining. He pushed and pushed, and so eventually we moved to puks. (Or "pukz" as he insisted on calling them...) XP per hour dropped to less than half. When we finally got down to 2K/hour (yes, somehow XP decreased as time went on in the camp) I bailed.

And would you believe that 2K per hour was with a PL? At level 59? *rubs head* In party learned: Feather Tickle and Zephyr Mantle, both total surprises to me. :P Also: Capped blue magic, yay!

Got to BLU 60 in Campaign, yay! But that was Sunday night.

Sunday afternoon: Learned Maelstrom, Frypan, Hydro Shot, Flying Hip Press, and Infrasonics.

I need to do Seedspray (should be easy) sometime this week.
Going to likely skip: Memento Mori and 1000 Needles. (Might do needles if I'm feeling daring one day.)

And unfortunately that brings me mostly to the end of spells I can solo. :/ I'm within range to learn Frenetic Rip, Spinal Cleave, Voracious Trunk, Yawn, and... well, lots more. Going to have to see if I can get some help soon, or maybe wait until I have a couple more levels so every ToAU spell will be in range.

Tuesday I should get my AF head piece, too! Woot.
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